Marley Family History

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Marley cousins taken at my home in Vancouver in 2002-copyright Ann McCabe

Kenneth James Marley (1965)

This is me, your website builder. My brother Bernard started a family tree a long time ago and as he now has so much information I thought it would be good to post that online as a website.

The first idea was a site just for my siblings however, the site has very quickly grew to include a lot more information and very old photos, which I find fascinating.

This collection of images show me in my ‘best’ Army Uniform, then at Christmas and now out at sea in my kayak.

Army Catering Corps
circa 1986

Elaine Fiona John & Kenneth  Marley Christmas Day circa 1975

Kenneth  Marley RNLI St Michaels Mount Swim -safety boat

Ten of the 21 Great Grandchildren of
Margaret (1912)-copyright Joe Wright

Joe Wright (Son of Margaret (1912)) has sent in this photo, thank you Joe,
Back row L to R
Joe’s Son Mark's children: Sally Blossom, Daisy & Will.
Joe’s son Anthony's two boys Vincent & Gabriel the big guy is Remy a close family friend.

Front Row L to R
Joe’s son Anthony's child Samuel and Joe’s son  Michael’s children Andrew and twins  Matthew & Terry

Micheal also has two other older sons Micheal Jr. who lives in B.C. he has two sons Conner and Keaton (great great grandsons of Margaret) and Justin who lives and teaches in South Korea.

Back row L to R:  Sally, Daisy, Will,Vincent, Gabriel (Remy)
Front Row L to R: Samuel, Andrew, Matthew, Terry

The Marley Family (William 1928)

This website is dedicated to and mainly for my siblings as pictured left.

The image was taken in 1993 on the occasion of my fathers 65th birthday. It is affectionately known within the family as ‘All of Us’ and is quite probably the only photo with literally all of us in it at once.

In the image are…

Back Row L to R

Michael, John, William, Veronica, Elaine

Middle row… Fiona

Front row L to R Bernard, Kenneth, Terry

If you have an image to share and would like it added to this gallery then get in touch with us using the contacts page